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Browsing the Archive November 13, 2018 [image: Mark Judge] <> CONNECT *Wasted*: A case study for controlled digital lending <>
Last month, a book on alcoholism captured the public’s attention. Mark Judge, a drinking buddy of then Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, had published a book back in 1997 entitled *Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk* detailing their alcohol-fueled high school years. If you wanted to buy *Wasted*, it would have cost you almost $2,000. Boston Public Library had the book and through an emerging book circulation method called Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) made the digital copy available to its patrons to borrow. Learn how CDL ensures that we, the public, have better access to books. READ MORE <> ——————————
Universal *access* to knowledge <> Reading the written word with ease–being able to see, hold and comprehend books–is something many people take for granted. If you have a print disability, gaining access to accessible materials can pose a big challenge. This is a problem that the Internet Archive is tackling head on. We are pleased to announce that we are expanding access to our library for those with print disabilities. Find out if you can help qualify users or if you qualify for this expanded access to materials. READ MORE <>

[image: Webamp Skins] <> EXPLORE Trust Us: Click the Llama <> Remember 1990’s treasure Winamp? How about all of those Winamp skins? Well, guess what? With the click of a llama on the Internet Archive music player, you can now launch Webamp, our new Winamp emulator, complete with all of the bugs and fun of the original. So go play with those EQ levels. You know you want to. And the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve also got a whole collection of customized Winamp skins to scroll through…because that’s the way we roll. READ MORE <>
Make it weird! <> Every city has a story to tell–celebrations, tragedies, big events, disasters. Our local libraries help preserve these windows to the past via newspaper clippings, black and white photos, and city maps preserved under glass. But what about the weird stuff? Images of local graffiti, decade-specific subcultural artifacts, ephemera leftover from the underground art and music scene–what is not being saved, but holds inherent cultural value? Step inside Community Webs, where local librarians preserve our rich, varied, and “weird” community culture. READ MORE <>

[image: Building a Better Web] <> EXPLORE Building a Better Web <> If you missed the magic or want to relive the Internet Archive’s Annual Bash: Building a Better Web, a collection of photos are now available to view online. Check out the live mural by graffitti artist Juyoung Ku, see the nostalgia-inspired batch of fake gif tattoos (and where people chose to put them!), and revisit all the demo stations and presentations celebrating the open, creative, sharing community of the Web.
[image: Classics] <> READ
Classics Illustrated <> In 1941, Elliot Publishing Co., under the direction of Russian-born creator Albert Kanter, published *The Three Musketeers*, a comic adaptation of Alexander Dumas’s seminal swashbuckler. It would the first volume of *Classics Illustrated*, a decades-long series revitalizing hundreds of selections from the western literary canon through the medium of visual storytelling. If you’re in the mood for something spooky, why not start with CI’s takes on *Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde* and *Frankenstein.* READ <>
Articles We’re Reading Slate: You Can Now Read Mark Judge’s Book Without Paying Almost $2,000. But Is the Online Copy Legal? <>
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Medium: Why Controlled Digital Lending Matters to Schools <>
My Modern Met: You Can Now Download a Collection of Ancient Japanese Wave Illustrations for Free <>
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