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Now that the home for its next headquarters has been chosen, losing cities are revealing how they tried to sweeten the deal. <> Digg Editions Morning · Thu, Nov 15 [image: Digg] <> SPONSORED BY [image: Indochino_M2M_RGB] <> HERE’S THE DEAL <…> JEFF GETS WHAT JEFF WANTS What Cities Offered Amazon: Helipads, Zoo Tickets, And A Street Named Alexa <…> <…> Now that the home for its next headquarters has been chosen, losing cities are revealing how they tried to sweeten the deal. <…> THE BIGGER THE BOX, THE BIGGER THE LOSS After The Retail Apocalypse, Prepare For The Property Tax Meltdown <…> <…> Big-box retailers nationwide are slashing their property taxes through a legal loophole known as “dark store theory.” For the towns that rely on that revenue, this could be a disaster. <…> NOT A PRETTY PICTURE Box Office Bomb: The Short Life Of Popcorn Prediction Markets <…> <…> Once upon a time, box office futures could have changed Hollywood. And for two short days, they sort of did. But — in the midst of the financial crisis of 2008 — lawmakers in Washington, DC, had other ideas. <…> HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN This Is How The Light From Your Phone Breaks Your Internal Clock <…> <…> There’s a growing body of research showing that the consequences of messing up the internal clocks of nearly all of humanity might be more serious than we think. <…> SUITS WE DIGG | SPONSORED Indochino’s Black Friday Sale Is On Now <> <> It doesn’t get any better than this. Impeccable custom tailoring on suits, shirts and accessories at a price that can’t be matched. Shop Indochino’s collection now! <> THE BACK END <…> DOES THIS ARTICLE HAVE A PART 2? The End Of Endings <…> <…> Canceled television shows are reinstated. Killed-off characters are resuscitated. Movies do not begin and end so much as they loiter onscreen. And social media is built for infinite scrolling. Nothing ends anymore, and it’s driving me insane. <…> THE REAL RAT KING The World’s Greatest Rat Catcher <…> <…> Phil Merrill’s skills are in global demand after he helped make Alberta, Canada, one of the world’s only rat-free jurisdictions. <…> SO YOU KNOW WHAT A JPEG IS This Nifty Web Tool Lets You Mess With Image Compression <> <> Out today is yet another fun and educational demonstration of digital image compression, this time from the folks at the Google Chrome Labs. It’s called, appropriately, Squoosh. <> DIGG GIVEAWAYS Win An Incredible Trip To Machu Picchu <…> <…> Hiking to Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which is why we want to send you there. <…> VIDEO OF THE DAY <> NO REST FOR THE WEARY PARENT Mom Turns Her Back On Her Toddler For 5 Seconds, All Hell Breaks Loose <> <> Having a toddler is just a constant battle against their ability to get themselves into dangerous situations. <> IN THE NEWS Britain’s Brexit Secretary Resigns Over Theresa May’s Plan To Exit European Union <…> Saudi Arabia Seeks Death Penalty For Five Suspects In Killing Of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi <…> Trump Endorses Bipartisan Criminal-Justice Reform Bill <…> Michael Avenatti Has Been Arrested On Suspicion Of Domestic Violence <…> DIGG PICKS Never Buy Bottled Water Again With This Filtered Water Bottle <…> <…> Get the taste of bottled when you’re filling up from the tap with KOR Water’s Nava bottle. Using an eco-friendly coconut filter, this water bottle makes refreshing water while still being easy to carry and drink from. <…>
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Domains <> Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master-Designed for Professionals Seeking the Ultimate in Domains, Hosting and Services for Their Business Models @ <> Published by Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master <> 16 November 2018 Technology <> Science <> Business <> Art & Entertainment <> Leisure <> Environment <> #seo <> #domain <>
Today’s headline To www or not to www – Should you use www or not in your domain? <> [image: thumbnail] <> *bjornjohansen­.no* – For 20 years or so, there has been the debate over whether you should use www or not in your web site’s canonical hostname. So should you use www or not? Even though people often use the terms “domai…
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Domains <> Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master-Designed for Professionals Seeking the Ultimate in Domains, Hosting and Services for Their Business Models @ <> Published by Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master <> 15 November 2018 Technology <> Science <> Business <> Leisure <> #cybersecurity <> #seo <>
Today’s headline Discovery of Potent Disheveled/Dvl Inhibitors Using Virtual Screening Optimized With NMR-Based Docking Performance Index <> [image: thumbnail] <> *www­.frontiersin­.org* – Poor therapeutic outcomes of chemotherapy against several solid tumors pose a challenge to anti-tumor drug discovery and development. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are believed to have a pivotal role in m…
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Young people are having less sex than previous generations. What’s to blame — and what does it mean for society? <> Digg Editions Morning · Tue, Nov 13 [image: Digg] <> PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED <…> LIFE IS TURNING THEM OFF The Sex Recession Is Here <…> <…> Young people are having less sex than previous generations. What’s to blame — and what does it mean for society? <…> DEFINITELY GHOSTS The Haunting Of 657 Boulevard <…> <…> A family bought their dream house. But according to the creepy letters they started to get, they weren’t the only ones interested in it. <…> SORRY, CANADA AND RUSSIA The Difference Between The Mercator Projection And Countries’ Real Geographic Sizes, Visualized <> <> If you’re thinking of a world map, you’re probably thinking about the Mercator projection, which flattens the globe into a rectangular presentation — and in the process, severely distorts the size of areas closer to the poles. <> DIGG PICKS The Coffee Table Book For The Design Fanatic In Your Life <…> <…> Nothing says modernist perfection like Eames. This book dives into Eames’ legacy and goes behind-the-scenes into the sketching and construction process of their most famous works, including that illustrious chair. <…> FOR THE SUBCULTURE <…> LADIES OF DOGTOWN I Cruised LA With A Badass Roller Skating Girl Gang <…> <…> The Moxi Skate Girls are taking roller skating out of the rink and onto the boardwalk, all while taking no crap from anyone. <…> BALANCE CHANGES We Need To Change the Relationship Between Video Game Developers And The Press <…> <…> A journalist who gets invited to a company such as Rockstar, known to be a “secret enclave”, as Goldberg puts it, has to know that they weren’t selected because everyone else was off on vacation. <…> BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS PRINT 3 Welcome To The World Of Small-Town Hip-Hop <…> <…> In 2008, photographer Jared Soares traveled to Roanoke, Virginia. He set out to connect with his new surroundings through his love of hip-hop and ended up documenting the DIY rappers of the small, Blue Ridge Mountains town, capturing a scene brimming with innovation, hope and creativity. <…> VIDEO OF THE DAY <> WHAT? HOW? We Can’t Stop Watching This 1.97-Second Formula 1 Pit Stop <> <> In the world of F1 racing, every hundredth of a second matters, and these guys take that to heart. <> IN THE NEWS California Wildfires Continue To Blaze Across State <…> Kyrsten Sinema Declared Winner In Arizona Senate Race <…> Trump Is Preparing To Remove Kirstjen Nielsen As Homeland Security Secretary, Aides Say <…> Amazon Chooses Queens And A Washington Suburb For ‘Second Headquarters’ <…> Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ Real-Life Superhero, Dies At 95 <…> DIGG PICKS Make An Unforgettable Cup Of Tea With The Fellow Raven Kettle <…> <…> A good cup of tea starts with water temperature and steeping time. Fellow’s Raven Kettle lets you perfect both with a built-in thermometer and roomy filter, all wrapped up in a modern design and matte black finish. <…>
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Browsing the Archive November 13, 2018 [image: Mark Judge] <> CONNECT *Wasted*: A case study for controlled digital lending <>
Last month, a book on alcoholism captured the public’s attention. Mark Judge, a drinking buddy of then Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, had published a book back in 1997 entitled *Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk* detailing their alcohol-fueled high school years. If you wanted to buy *Wasted*, it would have cost you almost $2,000. Boston Public Library had the book and through an emerging book circulation method called Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) made the digital copy available to its patrons to borrow. Learn how CDL ensures that we, the public, have better access to books. READ MORE <> ——————————
Universal *access* to knowledge <> Reading the written word with ease–being able to see, hold and comprehend books–is something many people take for granted. If you have a print disability, gaining access to accessible materials can pose a big challenge. This is a problem that the Internet Archive is tackling head on. We are pleased to announce that we are expanding access to our library for those with print disabilities. Find out if you can help qualify users or if you qualify for this expanded access to materials. READ MORE <>

[image: Webamp Skins] <> EXPLORE Trust Us: Click the Llama <> Remember 1990’s treasure Winamp? How about all of those Winamp skins? Well, guess what? With the click of a llama on the Internet Archive music player, you can now launch Webamp, our new Winamp emulator, complete with all of the bugs and fun of the original. So go play with those EQ levels. You know you want to. And the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve also got a whole collection of customized Winamp skins to scroll through…because that’s the way we roll. READ MORE <>
Make it weird! <> Every city has a story to tell–celebrations, tragedies, big events, disasters. Our local libraries help preserve these windows to the past via newspaper clippings, black and white photos, and city maps preserved under glass. But what about the weird stuff? Images of local graffiti, decade-specific subcultural artifacts, ephemera leftover from the underground art and music scene–what is not being saved, but holds inherent cultural value? Step inside Community Webs, where local librarians preserve our rich, varied, and “weird” community culture. READ MORE <>

[image: Building a Better Web] <> EXPLORE Building a Better Web <> If you missed the magic or want to relive the Internet Archive’s Annual Bash: Building a Better Web, a collection of photos are now available to view online. Check out the live mural by graffitti artist Juyoung Ku, see the nostalgia-inspired batch of fake gif tattoos (and where people chose to put them!), and revisit all the demo stations and presentations celebrating the open, creative, sharing community of the Web.
[image: Classics] <> READ
Classics Illustrated <> In 1941, Elliot Publishing Co., under the direction of Russian-born creator Albert Kanter, published *The Three Musketeers*, a comic adaptation of Alexander Dumas’s seminal swashbuckler. It would the first volume of *Classics Illustrated*, a decades-long series revitalizing hundreds of selections from the western literary canon through the medium of visual storytelling. If you’re in the mood for something spooky, why not start with CI’s takes on *Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde* and *Frankenstein.* READ <>
Articles We’re Reading Slate: You Can Now Read Mark Judge’s Book Without Paying Almost $2,000. But Is the Online Copy Legal? <>
LeTempes: REPORTAGE BD de Chappatte (épisode 3) <>
Medium: Why Controlled Digital Lending Matters to Schools <>
My Modern Met: You Can Now Download a Collection of Ancient Japanese Wave Illustrations for Free <>
The Hustle: Inside Wayback Machine, the internet’s time capsule <>
Reddit AMA: Hey Reddit! We are the folks behind the Internet Archive. Ask Us Anything! ——————————
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Big’s Backyard Ultra has no known finish line. The race goes on, day and night — a 4.16-mile loop every single hour — until only one runner remains. A woman had never made it more than 121 miles, until Courtney Dauwalter took it on. <> Digg Editions Morning · Sat, Nov 10 [image: Digg] <> SPONSORED BY [image: hims logo] <> GOING THROUGH A LOT <…> PAIN IS A FLAT CIRCLE The World’s Most Sadistic Endurance Race <…> <…> Big’s Backyard Ultra has no known finish line. The race goes on, day and night — a 4.16-mile loop every single hour — until only one runner remains. A woman had never made it more than 121 miles, until Courtney Dauwalter took it on. <…> ALWAYS WATCHING I Asked An Online Tracking Company For All Of My Data. Here’s What I Found <…> <…> Ads seem trivial, but the sheer scope and granularity of the data that is used to target people is anything but trivial. <…> NO LONGER TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART The True Confessions Of Jeff Tweedy, Rock’s King Of Vulnerability <…> <…> Jeff Tweedy’s new memoir reflects on both his musical triumphs and his unhappy struggles with drug addiction. “I feel like that’s a good reason to share your story,” he says of his recovery. <…> Rx WE DIGG | SPONSORED This Company Has Found A Better Way To Help Guys Get Treatment For ED <> <> A direct-to-consumer erectile dysfunction service, hims delivers ED pills to your door for 50-80% less than what you’d pay at the pharmacy. Intrigued? Try it out for a month for for just $5. <> LOOKING GOOD <> CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF STORMS This Close-Up Shot Of Jupiter’s Storms Is Simply Breathtaking <> <> This stunning image of ginormous, swirling clouds was taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft during a close flyby. <> DRAW THE LINE NASA-Themed Sneakers, And More Of The Week’s Coolest Design <> <> An all-white bookstore in China, a residential building made of 140 shipping containers and other coolest design of the week. <> PICTURE THIS The Best Photography Of The Week <> <> The children of the caravan, a look inside the scrap yards sending copper to China and how hip-hop learned to pose in front of the camera. <> CAUSING PROBLEMS <…> HEAD GAMES The Havana Syndrome <…> <…> Unexplained brain injuries afflicted dozens of American diplomats and spies. What happened? <…> SONIC BOOM A BANE The Problem With Making The Fastest Planes On Earth? They’re Too Loud <…> <…> The 50,000 residents of Galveston, Texas, will this month find themselves the subjects of a psychology experiment that could determine the future of supersonic airplanes. <…> IT TOOK HER SCHOOLMATES BY SURPRISE The Making Of A White-Nationalist Poster Girl <…> <…> Long before Faith Goldy became a poster girl for white nationalism, she was one of the most popular students at our all-girls private school in Toronto, Havergal College. <…> VIDEO OF THE DAY <> THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE This Trick Won The Magic World Championships And It Has Utterly Destroyed Our Brains <> <> Eric Chien’s “Ribbon” routine — which won the Grand Prix at the FISM World Championships — is 6 minutes of color- and reality-shifting madness. <> DIGG GIVEAWAYS Take A Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip To Machu Picchu — For Free <…> <…> Hiking to Machu Picchu is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which is why we want to send you there. <…> FROM THE DIGG STORE Text In The Cold With 42% Off These Cozy Knit Touchscreen Gloves <…> <…> Using your phone on a cold day is agony… unless you have a pair of touchscreen gloves. These ones from TRNDLabs let you tap, swipe, and slide while warming your hands. Get them for 42% off on the Digg Store. <…>
T.G.I.S. View the Edition at » <>
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After years of working, creating, writing, building and growing domains and domain names it has been my experience that there is nothing that can compare with writing.  The art and science of creatively expressing a particular thought or element is something that requires thought, intelligence, visualization, realization and undying commitment to quality.  Creating content is only part of the story.  On the web, we are faced with hazards from all areas where people will do their best to see that our content is lost forever IF we do not choose a competent and long term domain and hosting company in which to host our information and keep that information where it needs to be.  Keeping information that we create is ever bit as important as the creating of the information.

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