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Why Do You Need a Domain Name?

Just the other day, I posted this question on Apsense.  I am receiving interesting ideas on the subject and as a matter of fact, there are some people who have no idea on what I am even asking about.  This is quite amazing to me as these same people are trying their best to sell something on the web.  One would think that in that quest, the obvious thing would be to invest in a domain and hosting and actually learn how to effectively advertise, promote and market their business interest on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and the other major search engines of the web.  However, my assumption could be wrong!

A domain name is used for branding on the web.  Now, this branding, or profile building is essential so that others will become acquainted with who you are and what you have to sell.  The process of branding begins with buying a domain name that represents your business.  In other words. wildcatseoservice.com tells a story about who I am and what I am all about.  This is absolutely essential when buying domain names and hosting them in order to advertise on the web in the most effective manner.

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Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master-Destined to Become YOUR Domain and Hosting Provider!

Which Domain is Best?


If you listen, watch and read what all of the so called gurus on the web are saying about choosing domains, you may be driven to think that the proverbial .com is the one and only domain name to choose. This is partially correct; however, missing new niche marketing territories by choosing .net, biz, .info, .org and others is just as good, and as a matter of fact, better for some situations than the old standard of excellent called .com.

Let us get one thing straight right here, and right now. Domain names, from any qualified domain and hosting reseller, are never bought. They are simply rented for a while. That domain name that you are so anxious to own will only be used by you, your company, your worthy endeavor, your business interest for a short while. That duration depends entirely on the span in which you choose to purchase it. It could be as short as one year, up to 5 years or even more, depending on your budget, and your desire to keep your digital assets close at hand for a longer period of time. Please know that the Internet, and all that is associated with it, is something that is not tangible, cannot be touched, cannot be felt and is totally obscure in dealing with. That little domain along with the information you have worked so hard to place upon it, can be gone in a matter of milliseconds. For those who think that there is anything stable about the Internet, or that prized domain name you have bought is stable, then think again. We are all at the mercy of the machines of the world. They dictate to us just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, on how the information we construct will stay or leave unexpectedly. Any domain and hosting company that guarantees 100% uptime is lying. Any so called guru engineer that talks about reliability and stability is lying. We are all, or can quickly become, victims of the digital age. As in life, our domain and information can cease to be, just as we can! Never let anyone tell you that it does not happen. This author has suffered devastating information losses from every known entity on the Internet, and has always been able to recover quickly. As a matter of fact, the more you lose online, the more you learn to gain back quicker and better.


What is the Point in Having a Domain and Hosting


In reality, you can operate, and quite successfully so, without a domain or hosting account. This means that you will host your information using Google tools, Facebook systems, Flickr photo hosting, WordPress.com blogs and other, (millions probably) of varying third party systems in which to host your prized content. Be aware once again. You are at the total and complete mercy of these third party providers. At the flick of the proverbial switch, your information that you worked so hard to build can be gone simply because some near sighted liberal moderator does not like what you said or did online. Once again, The Wildcat SEO Master has suffered at the hands of these guys too numerous times to mention, therefore, I know of what I speak here.

When you own (rent) your own domain and hosting you stand a much better chance at actually keeping that information intact. There can be interruptions in service by any of them, but in reality, you need not suffer the slings and arrows of ridiculous moderators who may choose to ax your content!

Search for Domains

It cost nothing at all to search for domains at Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master. You can come, search and look all you want to. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend bookmarking the site and referencing it often. This way, you always have easy access to the location of domains and other vital marketing tools.

As promised in early articles, I said that I would report the good, the bad and the ugly about Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master. The prices for domains purchased here are as cheap as I can make them. I have some control over prices, and I set my prices at the minimum level. I have domains from $.99 upwards to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Premium domains of all kinds are available at the storefront, so looking around for a long time is recommended. It takes time to find a good domain name. Never make it a hasty decision. Also, I offer the ability to register many domains at once at even greater savings. This means you have more marketing power at your discretion and can link all of your domains, sub domains and sub directories together. This way, you make a huge network of spider links which will give your main promotional link more powerful on the web. But more about that later! Just spend some good quality time looking for domains at the above links!

Dedicated to the Preservation of Original Content

Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master is unique in the domain and hosting industry.  Though sales of domains are important, the main point of this establishment is the preservation of original and thought provoking content.  This all important aspect of the Internet is the essence of any and all information placed on the web today.  Keeping this information safe, protected and always available for viewing is the point of having stable and reliable hosting from Domains by The Wildcat SEO Master.


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